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Blocking Rooms

Block a room

Before you get started

If you wish to keep a room from being booked (because e.g. the room is closed or under construction), then you should use the Non-bookable periods option in the Room Details dialog (only available to room managers).

Room Blockings prevent regular users from booking certain rooms while allowing a restricted list of users to do so. This feature can be used for special events which require a given room at 100% and need some kind of "room delegation" mechanism. You can block any rooms you manage, but if you are not a manager, you can still block rooms. However, those blockings have to be approved by the owners of those rooms.

To create such a blocking, go to List of Rooms in the Room Booking horizontal menu and follow these steps:

  • Click Actions and then Block Rooms;
  • Select the rooms you wish to block;
  • Click the "checkmark" icon at the top right;
  • Choose the period during which the rooms should be blocked by selecting the start/end date under Period;
  • Enter a reason for the blocking - it will be displayed to users trying to book one of the blocked rooms;
  • You may add additional rooms to the room list if needed;
  • Unless you want to be the only one to be able to book the blocked rooms, you can add other users or groups to the Authorized users/groups list;
  • Click "Block selected spaces". Please note that, once you have created the blocking, the dates cannot be changed.