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Making a Timetable

Click on the pencil at the top of your page to switch to the management area of your event.

Then, click on Timetable on your left, under Settings.

In this page, you will be able to add Contributions. Contributions can be grouped in different Sessions, and each Session can be divided in different Session blocks, for example a morning block and an afternoon block of your meeting. You can add a Contribution either inside or outside a specific Session or Block.

Adding a Session

Click on Add new, and then in Session block to create a new Session. Type in the name and description of your session and choose the duration, for example 1 hour. Remember that this will be the default duration for each contribution you will add.

Once you are finished, click on Save.

Adding a Session block

Now, you will be asked to define your first Block. Type in the title of your first block, in our case “morning”, and then the start time and duration, 1 hour, starting from 11am, for example.

Click on Save to create your first block. This is your first block inside your first session.

Now we want to create another block, inside the same session. To do this, click on Add new, and then Session block.

We can create a new session altogether, or simply create a new block to our existing session.

Click on your session under Add another block to, in order to create the new block.

Select a title for your second block, such as “afternoon” and then choose its start time and duration, for example, 1 hour, starting from 2 pm.

Click on Save to return to your timetable.

Adding a Contribution

To add a Contribution to a block for example, choose one of your blocks and click on it to make this window appear. On the window, click on Go to session block timetable.

Here, you can add a contribution, by simply clicking on Add new, and then on Contribution.

Type in the name and description of your contribution, as well as a start time. The duration will be the one you selected before.

Once you’re finished, click on Save. This will add a contribution in the given block.

You can also add a contribution outside your sessions and blocks, by simply clicking on Add new, then on Contribution, and repeat the process.

Click on Switch to display view to look at your Session, your Blocks inside the session, and the Contribution in the first block.