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Booking a Webcast or Recording of an Indico Event

The CERN Webcast Service opens CERN lectures, meetings and seminars to universities, schools and to the general public. This service allows you to watch live events from equipped rooms on and provides video recording of these events for future viewing.

This short video guides you through Webcast/Recording booking via Indico.

Here is the process in more detail:

Go to your Indico event management page.

Make sure that the event takes place in a room that is equipped with webcast and Recording! To see which rooms these are, go to the Indico Room booking page, and click on Book a room. Use the filter banner to display only rooms equipped for Webcast and Recording. You will see the list of candidate rooms.

Before selecting one of them, make sure it is available at the time of your event.

If your event is a Lecture, you can click on Webcast/recording and you will be able to send the request for a Webcast right away. If your event is a Conference or a Meeting, on the other hand, you will need to create a contribution to your event first.

To do this, click on Timetable on the left banner, under Settings. Click on Add new, and then on Contribution. Insert the title of your contribution and a brief description, and Indicate the start time and its duration. Add Speakers to your contribution by searching for them, or by adding them manually. Once you are finished defining your contribution, click on Save. More details on this process can be found in the section "Make the timetable" of the "Meeting" chapter of the Indico documentation.

You are now ready to request Webcast/Recording.

On the left banner of your event management page, click on Logistics, under the Services tab. Then click on Webcast/Recording. Hover over the question marks for explanations.

Webcast makes your event accessible live on the web via streaming, it does not leave any trace afterwards. The recording is made, but it is not published in the CERN Document Server (CDS). if you decide, after the event, that you wish CDS publishing, you may request that from the "Webcast" support team in the CERN Service Portal, during 1 year following the event.

If you click on Webcast you will be asked to define restrictions, if any,for the community eligible to view the webcast.

Recording allows your community to watch your event afterwards in CDS. Speakers of your event, will be asked to electronically sign their agreement to be recorded and to be made publicly available.  Until all speakers sign the agreement, the recording cannot be published. Via this page, you are able to send the e-agreement requests to all the speakers of your event.

You can decide whether you want to notify all the event managers of the speaker’s signature.

If you click on recording you will be asked to inform the experts’ team about additional restrictions, if any. Recording restrictions are inherited from the Indico event at the time of the publishing. If you need to change these restrictions after the publication, you need to request it.

Uncheck All contributions if you want the request for a Webcast and/or a recording to only apply to some of your contributions and not all of them, and select which ones.

Write some additional comments if you need to, and, once you've finished, click on Send request. You can click on Webcast/recording if you want to modify or withdraw your request.

Your request will be pending approval. As event manager you will receive an email informing you about the status of your webcast/recording request. Once your request is accepted, you'll receive an email, containing a link redirecting you to your Webcast request page.

You must now prompt your speakers to agree with the recording and publishing of their talk.

Click on Speaker Release Form in the Warning (yellow) box. Click on Download if you want to print the agreement form in order for the speakers to sign in paper form. Else, if you want to let the speakers sign electronically, you can email the agreements to all the speakers (a list will be provided below).

Click on Send. You can customise the email message the speakers will receive, or leave the default text. Click on Ok. All the speakers will receive the request by email.

For each speaker to agree to the recording and its publishing, they will have to click on the link they'll receive by email informing them about the agreement that needs to be signed, by visiting the page and selecting I agree.

If the option to notify all event managers each time an agreement is signed has been selected, they will, all, receive the notification.