This short video explains the editing process in Indico:

Read about this process in detail below.

Note: To enable the upload of conference materials and proceedings, at least one of the following modules must be enabled: Editing or Paper peer reviewing.

Editing management

From the event management page, click Editing on the left banner, under Workflows.

Click Enable module to enable the editing module.

Click on the toggle switch to configure which editable types are enabled, you can choose any of the following options: Paper, Slides and Poster.

Click on Save to apply the changes.

Click on Manage to access the editing management page.

Click on the Start now button on the right of Submission is not open (1) to open the submission for new editables.

Click on the Start now button on the right of Editing is not open (2) to allow editors review the submissions.

Click on Manage teams (3) to open teams management and add or cancel editors.

Click on List (4) to open the list of submission and assign each of them to an editor.

As a submitter

If Paper Peer Reviewing has been activated

Once the paper is accepted, from the display view, as a submitter, click on the Paper Peer Reviewing sectionof the page and click on Submit for editing:

Upload the file you want to submit and then click on Submit.

If the editor asks for a correction you will be able to submit a new file via the editing section. Select the new file and then click on Submit new revision

If you want to upload slides and/or poster(s) for editing in addition, follow the process in the next section.

If Paper Peer Review has not been activated

From the event display view, as a submitter, click on My Contributions under My Conference. See the list of your contributions and click on the contribution for which you want to upload material.

Under the Editing section click on the drop-down menu and select the material you want to upload.

Upload the files and then click the Submit button.

As an editor

From the event display view, as an editor, click on the editing area. See the list of materials you are an editor of. Click on the paper you want to edit to access it.

Under the submission you will see a textbox to add a comment and a drop-down menù where you can choose an action:

  • Accept to accept the editable
  • Reject to reject the editable
  • Make changes to upload a modified document
  • Request changes to ask for a change

Click on Confirm to apply the action.

Using Paper Peer Reviewing with Editing

The graph shows that you can do Peer Reviewing or Editing or both, in which case Peer Reviewing takes place first. Once it is complete, then the paper can be submitted for the Editing stage. Nevertheless, you may enable only one of them.

The Editing module is intended to enhance and extend the complex process of change management in a certain material, we recommend its usage for larger events where reviewing is a critical step. If both of them are enabled, the base philosophy is that Peer Reviewing concerns about the content and scientific correctness of the paper, whereas Editing intends to focus on the material layout, review comments or even editor suggestions.